Sue McFarland


My ceramic practise has scanned many years, from formal training in the late 60s and early 70s, to a professional life of teaching ceramics at the TAFE level, to my present day studio work since retirement from formal work.  I have been seriously involved in the ceramic industry for the majority of my life. Ongoing workshops have kept my skills and interests current and my voluntary involvement with Ceramics Victoria has kept me constantly engaged with the industry.

My work has taken me to South Korea where I have been an invited International Exhibitor at the Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival. For four consecutive years I was honoured to have this role as a guest of the country. I have participated in workshops in Gangin at their Celadon Festival and travelled the country widely visiting many studio potters. I have also exhibited in New Delhi with Ceramic Victoria and taken the opportunity to explore the countryside as well.

Curatoral roles with the ArtSpace Gallery at the City of Whitehorse have been a recent project and I look forward to new adventures within the field of ceramics in the future.

Sculptural shapes that are high fired in the saggar technique, resulting in flashes of colours and encrusted textures have become a signature surface of mine and wearable art in the form of brooches. Sculptural bottle forms, functional ware and wearable art in the form of brooches and necklaces are capturing my interests at present. New ranges and new styles develop all the time. 


Professional and Community

2008-2014                     Ceramics Victoria Inc. – Workshop Officer. Past President

2010                              9th Ceramic Festival, Ballarat-Committee Organiser

2007-2005.                    Ceramics Victoria Inc. - President

2007 Sept.                     8th Ceramic Festival, Bendigo-Committee Organiser

Group Exhibitions

2014 July                       Still Firing @ 45, Whitehorse Art Space

2014 April                      Gifted, Whitehorse Art Space

2013 Dec                       Pop up at BHCA,

2013 Dec                       Pop up Gallery Albert Street

2013 Dec                       Pop up Gallery Slow Clay

2013 Nov                       Studio 13 Driftwood Gallery, Rosebud

2013 Feb                       Herring Island, Haven

2012 March                   Herring Island, Breaking the Drought

2012 March                   Then and Now. Whitehorse Art Space.

2011July                       Stonehouse, Warrandyte, Main Ridge Woodfirers

2011Dec                       Antipodies. Sorrento ‘ The Egg Cup Show’

2011August                  Gangjin Celadon Festival

2011April                      Mungyeong Teabowl Festival

2010 Nov                      Golden Earth, New Delhi, India

2010 August                  Whitehorse City Art Space.

2010 Jan                       Herring Island, ‘Oasis’

2007-2010 May             Munygeong Teabowl Festival, South Korea.

2009 Jan                       Linden ‘Post Card Show’

2009 Feb                       Herring Island, ‘Land & Water’ Arts Festival

2009-2010 June             Asian Craft Fair, South Korea

2008 June                     Skepski Gallery, Melbourne

2007 April                     Herring Island, Yarra River Melbourne, ‘Land & Water’

2007 Dec                      3 Potters, Red Hill, Victoria.


2006-2010 Sep            International Invited Artist Gangjin Celadon Festival, South Korea

2007-2010 May            Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival. South Korea.

2009 Oct                     Toyota Sculptural Exhibition, Port Melbourne

2007 May                   ‘Fired Up’ Chosen as promotional artist, Whitehorse City Gallery Opening

2006 Oct                     ‘Wood Firers Association Exhibition’ – Gyeongju Gallery 31, Incheon, Seoul, KOREA

2006 Aug                     ‘Surface Connections’ – Manningham Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria    

2004 May                     ‘Encore’ Exhibition – Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne, Vic.

2003 Nov.                     Walkers ‘Imperial’ exhibition Skepsi Gallery, Melbourne, Vic

2004 May                     ‘Victorian Connection’ – Ceramic Art Gallery, Sydney, NSW

2003 Mar                      ‘La Trobe’ Awards’ – Castlemaine, Vic

2003 Feb                       ‘Williamstown Arts Festival’ - Williamstown                      


2012                               Then and Now. Whitehorse Art Space.

2011                              ‘Masters of the Wheel’ Whitehorse Art Space.

2007 April. Winner of the Harold Hughan Award for excellence in utilitarian ware. Skepsie Gallery, Melbourne, Vic

2006 Nov. ‘Tactonics’ Exhibition : Highly Commended Award, Melb. Vic.

2006 March. International Competition in Koblenz Sslzbarandkeramik, Germany.