Kevin Boyd


Ceramic Artist and Teacher

"The development of a personal artistic style with the ceramics medium is like designing, mixing and firing glazes: you start with a selection of raw materials that are learnt about through years of research, experience and sensitive application. Add to that - risk, patient nurturing and aspiration, and something emerges that is unique, an expression of self and fulfilling.”

Kevin has been true to this belief for almost 40 years, starting with an enriching ceramics course at Bendigo, and then teacher training. The years that have followed have been a rewarding experience of blending teaching and ceramic practice. This path has allowed for the gaining and sharing of extensive knowledge, passion and skill.

After 20 years teaching ceramics in TAFE, Kevin has now enjoyed 17 years at Camberwell Grammar School, heading the Studio Arts program and working with enthusiastic and many talented boys, nurturing them to find their ‘voice’ through ceramics and art.

Continual ceramic practice over these years has allowed for an evolution of style and expression, mainly through the Naked Raku firing process. This has been accepted widely through exhibition and gallery marketing. He now proudly offers his work through ‘Oz Ceramics’ and welcomes your inquiry.